This week has seen us hosting delegates from all over the world attending our A3 9100 Aerospace Industry Specific Training. We are very pleased to announce that once again there was a 100% successful pass rate; congratulations to the attendees and well done to our trainer Des Whitney for delivering another excellent course. Maintaining this pass rate for over 4 years is something we are very proud of. The course comprised of individuals from all over the world, with a wide range of backgrounds and experience, this made for an interesting and lively course with a lot of discussion and interaction. Feedback from the course was very positive.

We would like to wish all of the attendees the best of luck with their future careers!

A3 June 2018

The A.3 9100 course is designed for those who require an in depth understanding of the aerospace sector to enable successful transition to AEA auditor status. An auditor not yet authenticated as an AEA shall be able to satisfy the requirements of BS EN 9104-003:2010 and EN 9104-003:2010 (E) upon successful completion of this course. The course is specifically aimed at anyone who wants to be able to conduct 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party audits to the AS/EN 9100:2016, supplier auditors and those who wish to work as a 3rd party auditor for a certification body.

For more information regarding the A.3 9100 Aerospace Industry Specific Course please click here. This course runs around twice per year as an open course at our bespoke offices Orbit Business Centre, but can also be run as an in-house course, please contact us if you would like more information on these options.