The good news keeps coming, TPT have been approved to deliver 37 of the NMCL Improvement Modules within the Automotive Sector. We have already been approved as a training partner to deliver the NMCL Improvement Modules within the Aerospace Sector. We are looking forward to supporting the NMCL and SC21 C&G programme when it gets started. We have an excellent team of experienced trainers with many years of automotive and aerospace experience.

Assessing Competitiveness

NMCL provides a framework for assessing the competitiveness of a company of any shape and from any manufacturing sector. Generating an evidenced based Programme Pack, the NMCL assessment is used to support the decision about investing in improvement activities regardless of whether the investment is publicly or privately funded, cash or resource. The business must clearly understand the value of improving.

The NMCL Process

NMCL Process

Improvement Modules (IM)

The improvement modules are broken down into four key business themes, shown below:

  • Competitive Strategy and Management Systems
  • NPI & Lifecycle Management
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Supply Chain

Within each of the themes above, a number of work packages further identify specific areas of the business, within which a number of improvement modules are contained. In total, there are 25 work packages and 122 individual improvement modules within the 4 themes.