CQI Foundation Quality Management Training eCourse Bundle

This foundation level quality management training and audit training bundle covers a broad range of skills and knowledge relating to quality.

Course IDs: 1893, 1842, 4828, 2643, 1954, 1851 & 2652

This quality management training and audit training eCourse bundle provides learners with a basic awareness and understanding of a broad range of skills and knowledge related to quality and auditing and covers an introduction to problem solving, risk management, change management, process design and management systems.

This audit training and quality management courses are delivered through a convenient online training platform, allowing you to learn at your own pace, making it accessible for working professionals and those seeking to upskill without disrupting their daily routines.

Quality Management Training Bundle Contents

  • FD102: Introduction to Problem Solving – In this course, you will learn the fundamental principles of problem solving. By honing your problem-solving skills, you’ll become better equipped to address challenges in project management and quality improvement.
  • FD103: Introduction to Risk Management – Risk management is a critical component of quality management systems. This course provides you with the knowledge and techniques to identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively.
  • FD104: Introduction to Change Management – Managing change is essential for any organization’s growth and quality improvement. This course delves into change management strategies, helping you lead and adapt to changes successfully.
  • FD105: Introduction to Product and Service Management – Product and service management is integral to delivering quality and meeting customer expectations. This course equips you with the skills to manage the lifecycle of products and services, ensuring their continuous improvement and alignment with quality standards.
  • FD106: Introduction to Process Design – Effective process design is crucial for achieving optimal quality and efficiency. You’ll gain insights into designing and optimizing processes in quality management systems.
  • FD107: Introduction to Management Systems – Quality professionals play a pivotal role in ensuring quality improvement and adherence to management systems. This course provides an overview of management systems and their importance in quality management.
  • FD108: Introduction to Stakeholder Communications – Effective communication with stakeholders is essential for quality management success. This course provides you with techniques to engage stakeholders, understand their needs, and manage their expectations to support quality improvement efforts.

Who Should Attend the Quality Management training?

Our foundation courses are designed specifically for learners who are new to quality, or who work in other functions or professions.

By completing this audit training bundle, you will be well-prepared to navigate the intricacies of quality management systems, and quality improvement, ultimately enhancing your career prospects and contributing to the success of your organization.


As these courses are for beginners, there are no formal requirements for learners studying CQI/IRCA foundation courses.

Course Summary

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You will have the knowledge to:

  • Describe several methodologies for problem solving
  • Explain how risks are evaluated from a stakeholder/customer point of view
  • Describe organizational change, values and cultures
  • Define a process that reflects the flow down of customer and stakeholder requirements, including compliance
  • Understand how a management system is structured and give examples of typical frameworks

You will learn the skills to:

  • Support the team leader to identify effective actions to resolve problems and to use tools to address root causes
  • Identify several ways that a team can generate ideas to determine potential hazards/risks
  • Use the knowledge of learning patterns to implement change
  • Ensure that processes are well defined and standardised such that they reflect management intent and enable effective audit of performance and risks
  • Become a quality advocate and systems thinker

Learn Online

This quality management training is delievered as an eCourse. With no deadlines or time restrictions, our eCourses are designed to be completed online at your own pace and our costs are inclusive of materials, issue of certificate and tutor support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IRCA and CQI stand for International Register of Certificated Auditors and Chartered Quality Institute. The CQI exists to make society better by supporting excellence in, and the widespread adoption of, quality management. IRCA is the leading professional body for management systems auditors.

We accept the following methods of payment, BACS transfer or credit/debit card. Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

Yes, all learners will receive a comprehensive set of training materials. As we are conscious of our environmental impact, our default position is that materials are provided digitally through our partner Mimeo Digital. This allows learners the flexibility to view materials on a laptop, tablet or to print if preferred.

We will also provide loan copies of the necessary standards for use during the course.

For eCourses, all materials will be provided digitally through the eCourse platform.

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