CQI Practitioner Quality Management Courses

This CQI practitioner quality management courses cover a broad range of skills and knowledge relating to managing quality.

Course IDs: 2015, 1961, 1806, 2581, 2668, 2228, 2229 & 2663

This quality management eCourse bundle provide learners with CQI/IRCA approved quality practitioner level courses where you can develop practical skills in the following areas, managing process performance, management systems, change & process improvement, problem solving, customer excellence and quality planning. Build your capability to manage change, process performance and quality planning effectively and become an effective member of a quality team. Our quality practitioner eCourses allow for flexible learning in terms of timing, location and duration so learners can study in a way which works for them.

Bundle Contents

  • PT202: Managing Process Performance – Effective management of process performance is crucial for operational excellence. This course provides advanced techniques to monitor, analyse, and improve processes, ensuring optimal efficiency and quality
  • PT203: Managing Management Systems – Managing management systems is vital for maintaining quality and compliance. This course covers the implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of management systems to support organisational goals.
  • PT204: Managing Change and Continual Improvement – Leading change and driving continual improvement are key to organisational success. This course equips you with strategies to manage change effectively and drive ongoing improvements in quality and performance.
  • PT205: Managing Problem Solving – Advanced problem-solving skills are essential for addressing complex challenges. This course teaches you systematic approaches to identify root causes, develop solutions, and implement effective corrective actions.
  • PT206: Managing Supply Chains – Efficient supply chain management is critical for ensuring product quality and timely delivery. This course provides insights into managing supply chain operations, optimising logistics, and building strong supplier relationships.
  • PT207: Managing Customer Excellence – Delivering exceptional customer service is fundamental to business success. This course focuses on strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall excellence in customer interactions.
  • PT208: Managing Quality Planning – Quality planning is the foundation of any successful project or product. This course covers advanced techniques for developing, implementing, and monitoring quality plans to ensure alignment with organisational objectives.
  • PT209: Managing and Influencing Stakeholders – Effectively managing and influencing stakeholders is crucial for project success. This course provides you with tools and strategies to identify key stakeholders, understand their perspectives, and influence their support for quality initiatives.

Who Should Attend the Quality Management Courses?

These CQI quality management courses are aimed at those who are managing the quality function within their organisation and require knowledge of managing process improvement, management systems, change and process improvement, customer excellence and quality planning.


Whilst there are no formal requirements, there is recommended prior quality practitioner knowledge which is detailed in each course outline.

Course Summary

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You will have the knowledge to:

  • Develop a balanced set of measures of performance against customer/stakeholder requirements and related process
  • Describe approaches and tools to identify and manage risk
  • Describe a process management approach
  • Apply a wide range of methods to establish customer/stakeholder requirements and views
  • Be a quality planner in using project, product/service and risk management to prevent potential problems with product and service quality

You will learn the skills to:

  • Define measures of process performance that reflect an understanding of specific key requirements of customers and stakeholders, including compliance requirements
  • Implement a management system framework that ensures linkage and alignment in the flow down of customer/stakeholder requirements
  • Manage improvement teams and deploy improvement tools and techniques
  • Deploy appropriate tools and methods to enable the organisation to gain knowledge of market, competition, peers, quality differentiators and benchmarking with respect to specific products/services
  • Translate customer requirements into functional requirements for product and service development within their organisation

Learn Online

Our CQI quality management courses are delivered as eCourses. With no deadlines or time restrictions, our eCourses are designed to be completed online at your own pace and our costs are inclusive of materials, issue of certificate and tutor support.

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IRCA and CQI stand for International Register of Certificated Auditors and Chartered Quality Institute. The CQI exists to make society better by supporting excellence in, and the widespread adoption of, quality management. IRCA is the leading professional body for management systems auditors.

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