IAQG Aviation Maintenance (AM) Specific Knowledge eCourse

To provide Aviation Maintenance specific knowledge and demonstrate an understanding of the principles, requirements, controls and application of the topics.

The course includes detailed introductions of the principles, requirements, controls and application across the AM industry of:

  • AM regulatory requirements;
  • Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE), manuals, handbooks;
  • Continued airworthiness management;
  • Development and control of technical data, maintenance programs and repair schemes;
  • Qualification and certification of persons;
  • Customer owned property and equipment;
  • Identification and control of serviceable/unserviceable articles or products;
  • Parts distribution and rotable pools;
  • Tool control process;
  • Prevention of suspected unapproved parts;
  • Installation of approved parts;
  • Return to service processes;
  • Equipment testing requirements;
  • Flight testing process;
  • Weight and balance process; and
  • Wing walking and/or aircraft marshalling techniques.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for auditors that require training as outlined in 9104/3 Table 1 — Requirement for 9110 (AS/EN 9110) Evidence of industry knowledge (see 4.4.2), for auditor authentication and entry onto the OASIS database as an Aerospace Experienced Auditor (AEA).

This course will provide evidence of Continuing Professional Development for existing Aerospace Auditors.


There are no specific prerequisites, however the course is aimed at Auditors who have completed the AATT (2023) and don’t have the necessary industry experience.

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Course Dates

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Course Outcomes

You will have the knowledge to:

  • Understand the principles of Aviation maintenance regulatory authority requirements, roles and responsibilities, including where to obtain additional information (requirements as applicable to the location where the course is being presented);
  • Manage the preparation, issuance, and control of the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE), manuals, and handbooks effectively
  • Oversee continued airworthiness management to ensure compliance and safety
  • Develop and control maintenance programs, technical data, and repair schemes to maintain aircraft integrity.
  • Evaluate new capabilities to expand or enhance service offerings responsibly
  • Ensure the qualification and certification of personnel performing maintenance activities to uphold quality standards
  • Manage maintenance tooling and equipment, ensuring they are fit for purpose and well maintained
  • Identify and control customer-owned property and equipment, safeguarding client assets.

You will learn the skills to:

  • Differentiate and manage serviceable and unserviceable articles or products, ensuring safety and compliance
  • Control parts distribution and manage rotable pools efficiently to support maintenance operations
  • Implement processes and controls to prevent the use of suspected unapproved parts and ensure the installation of approved parts
  • Execute the return to service processes, ensuring aircraft, engines, and equipment are safe and ready for operation
  • Comprehend the requirements for testing aircraft (including flight testing), engines, and equipment to verify their performance and safety
  • Understand and apply the weight and balance process to ensure aircraft stability and safety
  • Master wing walking and/or aircraft marshalling techniques to direct aircraft movements safely on the ground
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